Решения для сектора ритейл и eCommerce

For retail business

Cloud solutions for
retail business

Solutions for retail business can solve the problems of automation funds, logistics, warehouse and storage solutions that enhance the efficiency of supply chain management. And also allow you to open new sales outlets, offices, branches in a short time, thanks to the cloud model
Cloud Cloud4Y products provide access corporate employees to corporate information 24 hours a day from any device, including mobile.
Developed solutions for the retail business in addition to rent 1C model SaaS (software as a service), access to corporate cloud storage and cloud-based corporate email include IP-PBX, which allows integration with 1C.
The main advantages of cloud-based solutions for retail business: 
  • anytime access to corporate data 
  • rapid deployment of IT infrastructure 
  • smooth operation of services even at peak loads by automatically scaling (autoscale)
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