For Government Agencies

With extensive experience in collaboration with government agencies, our competence allow us to solve a large range of problems in this area.

Data center Uptime Institute (Operations, Facility, Design)
Certified circuit for storing personal data (1-4 level)
Quality and Safety Standards ISO 9001, 20000, 27000

Every organization is trying to save money by embracing technological innovations, and the government is no different.
We understand the importance for government agencies to maintain a balance between the cost effectiveness of cloud platform,
and its reliability and compliance.
That is why we offer solutions, which meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, and at the same time save budgets.

  Having a great experience in cooperation with government agencies, our competencies allow us to solve a wide range of tasks:

We use certified Russian software, virtualization and security tools (ROSA "COBALT", NetApp, Dr Web, Bitrix, 1C, etc.).
Tasks solved with cloud computing
  • Building a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure
  • Personal data processing in compliance with FZ-152
  • Storage of archives and long-term backups
  • Increasing productivity of multithreaded platforms
  • Regular backup to TIER III data center
  • Hosting Geographic Information System (GIS)
Certificates and Licenses
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