• Configure and manage the web server
  • Create mail domains and mailboxes
  • Create and manage web domains
  • Create and manage users
  • Scheduled backups
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ISPmanager is a flexible hosting management panel. There are 2 versions of ISPmanager: a basic version of ISPmanager Lite and an extended version of ISPmanager Business.

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ISPmanager Lite Features

With ISPmanager Lite, you can easily manage your personal server and sites.

ISPmanager Lite

Web Server Management

Quick setup and management of web servers. Install popular CMS and create websites.


Creating Mailboxes, Managing Aliases, setting up spam filters.


Creating and managing accounts.Providing different levels of access.


Creation and management of web domains. Installing SSL certificates on domains.


Manage files and FTP users. Set different levels of access to files.


Backing up to external storage using an automatic backup system.


Installing SSL certificates on domains. Manage the firewall.


Management of databases. Establishment restrictions on user's access rights.


Creating Domain Zones and editing Domain records.

PHP Version

Installing different versions of PHP for different Domains with the built-in PHP-selector.


Adding a company logo, links to the site. Controls the color schemes of the panel.

Website Builder

The easiest way to build a website directly from ISPmanager 5.

Features available only in ISPmanager Business

ISPmanager Business allows you to provide and resell virtual hosting services

ISPmanager Business

Server Roles

Assign specific roles to different sites: a web server, database server, mail, etc.


Monitoring statistics on resource consumption and diagnostics using a log.

Setting Additional Restrictions

Set additional restrictions for users and user templates.

Managing multiple servers

Managing multiple servers (cluster nodes) from a single interface.


Turning your server into a scalable business system.

Distribution of Users

Distribution of users between cluster nodes according to established rules.

CloudLinux Features

Enhance the stability and security of your virtual hosting services using the CloudLinux in ISPmanager Business integration module.


LVE Manager

Set restrictions on the use of resources by a certain account.


Restrictions on the consumption of resources of each user within his virtual system.


Allows each user to select a version of PHP.

MySQL Governor

It monitors the use of MySQL, preventing server overload.

Third Party Applications in ISPmanager 5

Get the maximum of the necessary functions in the ISPmanager 5 with the help of additional modules.

Website builder

The easiest way to build a site directly from ISPmanager 5.

Auto-installer of Softaculous

Easy installation of 367 scripts and 1115 PHP classes.


Automatically checks and disinfects sites from viruses and malicious code.

Let's Encrypt

Allows you to free and automatically issue SSL certificates.

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