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Kubernetes (KaaS)

Cloud4y Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS) 

Cloud4Y makes container management easier and affordable with Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS). KaaS is a cloud-based approach to container orchestration. You can store Docker images along with the infrastructure, guaranteeing high image loading speed and avoiding the expenses on external traffic.

The solution allows you to automate the processes of managing, scaling, changing, updating and deleting containers.

With the help of k8s service, it is easy to deploy an automation platform, create and work in Kubernetes clusters, and conduct development in a reliable computing environment.

Automatic scaling and fault tolerance together with load balancers ensure the smooth operation of highly loaded IT systems. And the ability to quickly create test environments and the automation of CI/CD processes make it easy to manage test environments.

The interaction between the master and the cluster nodes is encrypted, but you can also create a private cluster that is not accessible from the Internet. Your containerized applications will run in an isolated environment.

Tasks solved with KaaS

Microservices. Microservice architecture allows to split applications into separate small services, which can be easily changed. If you need to launch unconnected small services, containers greatly simplify the task.

Application migration. With containerization of the applications you use there is no need to refactor code or develop additional applications. If you use Kubernetes locally or on GCP and AWS, then you can easily transfer your applications to our cloud.

How Kubernetes-as-a-service works

Using KaaS, you get an environment for reliable, convenient and secure management of Kubernetes clusters in Cloud4Y infrastructure. The solution allows using familiar Kubernetes tools and extensions.


Kubernetes-as-a-service is based on the Container Service Extension (CSE) and supports basic containerization technologies, including Docker.

   CSE implements Kubernetes-as-a-Service in vCloud Director through creating virtual machine templates and allows organizations to deploy full Kubernetes clusters for containerized applications. The solution reduces the installation time of Kubernetes from a few days to 15 minutes.

KaaS in Cloud - Business Benefits 

   Cloud4Y infrastructure is built using reliable modern server and network equipment. Customers' data is stored in Tier lll data centers physically remote from each other. 


No need to have in-depth knowledge in vCloud Director

Cloud4Y's container infrastructure is designed to give you the flexibility to customize. You do not need even a vCD account. You can easily automate application lifecycle management (from deployment to shutdown).      
Удобный и простой рабочий стол

Easy to deploy, manage, and scale

Deploy containers from the application catalog or create your container infrastructure this does not require specific skills. Fast scaling enables efficient use of resources. All applications are protected from infrastructure failures.


Increase efficiency 

Developers can focus on writing code without worrying about the system in which the application will ultimately run. High performance and efficient traffic distribution accelerate their work.

Save money

You save on hosting the enviroment for testing, eliminate capital expenses on creating and maintaining IT infrastructure. Database backup is carried out by Cloud4y.
Надежная инфраструктура

Ready-to-use solution available 24/7

Development and testing, production and staging - you get all the necessary tools for any tasks.

Масштабируемый и гибкий рабочий стол

Guarantee avalability

Website will not go down even during peak loads periods - it takes a few seconds to compress or expand the cluster.

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