Shared Folders and Files

Build your own corporate collaboration solution for backup, synchronization and file sharing.
  • private cloud support
  • no storage limit
  • Active Directory integration
  • lack of control by 3rd parties
  • backup all data stored on your devices
Corporate drive

Why Corp.Drive?

storage-small.pngMain place of work.
You can forget about the constant search for the necessary documents on different devices. With a single and intuitive interface Corp.Drive you can store all operational data in one place.

With Corp.Drive can be quickly and securely provide access to the data. And thanks to modern administrative tools employees from your IT department will be able to protect all the internal corporate information.

The effectiveness of your company will increase thanks to the multi-function service. Corp.Drive can instantly synchronize your files and share them on any device. Moreover, all the operational data can be controlled by the manager.

Cost per user from $4.7 /month 


Backup end-user devices
Corp.Drive provides continuous backup. Not just individual folders or files, and any data stored on all your devices. You can quickly and easily restore any file to any device.

Synchronization and file sharing
Corp.Drive provides sync and share files anywhere, from any device. Just a few clicks and your colleagues instantly see all the data in his system. Increase the effectiveness of teamwork within your company.

Universal access
Often, important files should be on hand, wherever you are. Universal access will allow to remain always with the necessary information anytime, anywhere, on any device. Just go under your account in Corp.Drive.

Collaboration and access to Information
  • Access to files and folders on reading and editing for internal and external users in accordance with corporate policies; 
  • Access your files from any device on the presentation of operating systems; 
  • Резервное копирование и синхронизация версий рабочих файлов; 
  • Configuring Groups;
  • Context search for files and files inside 
Corp.Drive cost depends on the number of users. 1 person - $4.7. Includes 10 GB of disk space on the user with the possibility of extension.
Minimum order of 5 users.
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