1C hosting

  • In TOP-3 SaaS (Cnews) and TOP-5 IaaS (J'son)
  • Legal guarantees availability (SLA 99,982%)
  • No monthly fees, postpaid scheme
  • Russian data centers TIER 3 with Hi-End hardware
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How it's work?
1C rent and hosting

We are interested in long-time mutually beneficial cooperation with our Clients and are ready to offer very good conditions. Communicate with us and be sure that we will make all greatest possible for the solution of your tasks, an optimum and economic method.

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Rent 1C cloud scheme SaaS (Software as a Service) allows you and your employees to use the software as a service with a monthly payment, as well as provide full mobility because Now if you have an Internet connection, you can work with 1C in the cloud from anywhere. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive software and its constant maintenance and updates.

Hosting 1C ensure uninterrupted operation of the software, the regular database backup volumes and any guarantees the confidentiality and protection of corporate information.


Key benefits and features rental 1C scheme SaaS

  • Lack of capital expenditures for the purchase of expensive software, its service and setting. Rent costs 1C - minimal.
  • Ability to organize corporate databases 1C outside the office in datacenters class Tier3 (the highest level of secure data center in Russia), as well as in foreign data centers in the Netherlands.
  • Mobility - access to work with 1C is possible from anywhere in the world. Your employees can work remotely c 1C anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Ability to work remotely with 1C under any operating systems and with different devices, including mobile (smartphones and tablets).
  • You do not need to spend time and money on maintenance iron and IT-infrastructure, support and upgrade our experts are engaged.
  • Guarantee of corporate data, all information is stored in encrypted form, access to it only you. Regular backups (frequency choose yourself), including in foreign data centers.
  • Uninterrupted operation, guarantee SLA 99,982%
  • Run 1C in the cloud is carried out throughout the day, allowing you to quickly connect regional branches.

1C hosting service includes

  • Lease the Licensed Software 1C
  • Secure access and encryption (encryption keys client receives)
  • You choose the platform for placing (Russia or the Netherlands)
  • Regular backup
  • Employee organization terminal connection

How is a remote connection?

To remotely connect to 1C, you must run the desktop shortcut:

remote access to 1C

Then enter your login and password, which you get after you connect.

 Knowledgebase 1C contains brief instructions that solves the following questions:

The basic package licenses 1C rent per month included:

  • 1C:Accounting 8 PROF
  • 1C:Accounting 8 CORP
  • 1C:Salary and Personnel Management 8
  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Trade management 
  • 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8
  • 1C:Retail 8
  • 1C:Enterprise 8 CRM PROF
  • 1C:Enterprise 8.CRM CORP
  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing enterprise management 
  • 1C:Document management 8 CORP
  • 1C:Document 8 PROF
  • 1C: Retail. Pharmacy
  • 1C:Medicine

The list is constantly expanding. You can also order additional configuration of our managers.

Cloud4Y 1C is an official partner and is certified to provide software 1C rent.


Manage cloud server

Ample room control panel allow you to make the management of cloud server as comfortable as possible. You can create, start, stop, make a backup or delete cloud servers and much more directly from the control panel. In addition, you can plan and control the creation of nightly backups.

image description

Облачная Панель:

Cloud control panel provides you with an intuitive control over every parameter of your cloud servers and complete statistics, including the financial resources used for.

image description

Using cloud server:

The control panel has an interactive schedule for the use of the processor and bandwidth of each virtual machine for a visual display of your servers.

image description

Mobile application to access the control panel:

Access to a detailed description of the current state of servers. Control Server (off or on, reboot the server.) You can also view graphs of CPU and bandwidth, IP-address and the details of your backup server.

For iphone:

image description

For android: 


  • Number of users

  • Number of users

    • 1
    • 4
    • 8
    • 12
    • 16
    • 20
  • Additional services


For 1 user
Advantage – dedicated server!

Payment methods:

  • 1. Cashless transfer for legal personalities
  • 2. Payment systems:
    • visa
    • master card
    • qiwi
    • web money
    • pay pal
    • money bookers
Payment instruction



Payment methods:

  • 1. Cashless transfer for legal personalities
  • 2. Payment systems:
    • visa
    • master card
    • qiwi
    • web money
    • pay pal
    • money bookers
Payment instruction
Close Get your discount! Contact our managers now 8(495)268 04 12.

Get your discount! Contact our managers now 8(495)268 04 12.

Advantages of using templates for your cloud:

  • saving of time
  • do not need to be a server administrator

Preconfigured templates and quickly deployable proved its convenience and contain proven configuration.

Each template may be in 5 minutes ONLINE!

Control Panel
The following templates allow to work with VirtualMin, CPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager ISPadmin or with a single click!

  • CentOS 5.3 x64 Webmin / Virtualmin CentOS 5.3 x64 Webmin / VirtualMin 
  • CentOS 5.5 cPanel x64, CentOS 5,5 CPanel x64 
  • CentOS 5.5 x64 Plesk, CentOS 5,5 x64 Plesk 
  • CloudLinux Server 5.5 x64 cPanel, WHM CloudLinux Server 5.5 x64 CPanel, WHM CloudLinux Server 5.5 x64 ISPmanager, CloudLinux Server 5.5 x64 ISPmanager 
  • Debian 5.0 ISP Admin x64, Debian 5,0 ISP Admin 64
Template Library

centos.gif CentOS 5.6 x64 / CentOS 5.7 x64 / CentOS 6.2 x64

Debian 5.0 x64 / Debian 6.0.0 x64

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 / Ubuntu 12.04 x64 / Ubuntu 12.10 x64

Gentoo 10.1 x64 / Gentoo 10.1_2.6.34 x64 / Gentoo 12.1 x64

openSUSE 11.4 x64 / openSUSE 12.1 x64 / openSUSE 12.1 x86

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 x86 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 x64

Arch Linux 2010.05 x64

CloudLinux Server 5.6 LAMP x64

Windows 2003 Datacentre Edition R2 x86 / Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 x64 / Windows 2012 Standard Edition x64


Answers to questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to a question - post it our consultants online using online chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.

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