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  • Legal guarantees availability (SLA 99,982%)
  • No monthly fees, postpaid scheme
  • Russian data centers TIER 3 with Hi-End hardware
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1C-Bitrix24 - a system of internal control of information resource for collective work on tasks, projects and documents for effective internal communications:
  • Internal and external communications of the company
  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Planning and time tracking
  • CRM: customers and sales
  • Automation of business processes
  • Application 1C-Bitrix24
  • Integration with 1C, Microsoft, Google, Apple
  • Safety and reliability
  • Scaling

Advantages of using 1C-Bitrix24 in the cloud of Cloud4Y:

Placing 1C-Bitrix24 in the Cloud4Y You get all the benefits of a boxed version of the product, which you lose when you use version Bitrix24, hosted in the cloud 1C.
The main advantages of using the boxed version 1C-Bitrix24 in the Cloud4Y:
  • Amendments to the code based on your business needs: completion interface and business logic 
  • Its portal integration with «1С:ЗУП»
  • Creating separate portals for departments, including functional "Mnogodepartamentnost"
  • Synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts on the portal with MS Exchange Server using the Connector for MS Exchange Server 2007/2010 
  • Using the Connector for MS SharePoint for bilateral integration with your portal Centralized management of user groups by using Active Directory / LDAP Integrator 
  • Accommodation portal in the cloud Cloud4Y, built on highly reliable enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Guaranteed availability of your corporate portal - SLA 99,982%
  • 24x7 support with a personal manager
  • Other benefits of working with Cloud4Y

Internal and external communications

Work in 1C-Bitrix24 with pleasure - as a social network. Worked on the project together and discuss all in real time. Use familiar tools for communication, task management, documents, working time and other services. All the tools you "at hand" - an interactive "Buzz". Invite a group of colleagues in the business chat communicate with them voice and video, write messages, edit the same document together. Contact with a colleague who is offline, - call him on his mobile fr om 1C-Bitrix24. Call Clint regular phone directly from the CRM using the built-telephony. Work with partners to jointly Extranet - to secure and neutral territory. communicate.png


Manage tasks and projects

Manage tasks and projects with the help of user-friendly tools. Functional tasks include integration with calendars, the mechanism of delegation, checklists, templates ready tasks Designer filters and tasks for working with extranet partners. Monitor the timely execution of tasks in offices, helping subordinates to prevent violations. Consider the project time and other resources to perform tasks. Track the progress of project tasks using the Gantt chart - how many tasks, many of them completed and how much is in the works, what tasks are overdue, and which - without any time lim it. Rate the job with the tasks received reports on people / departments / projects. Summarize work for a month - for the department and for each employee. task_time.png


Collaborate on documents

Connect "Bitrix24.Disk" and manage your work files to and from your computer, and right from the 1C-Bitrix24. Connect to your disk file folders and disks of groups give access to their colleagues and work with the files together. Share documents with colleagues, discuss them in "Buzz" for them to get inbound links to social networks and partners.

Work with documents in 1C-Bitrix24 even in the absence of office software. Through external online services Google Docs and MS Office Online, you can open, view and edit directly on the portal any files of popular formats. Edit any documents on the portal with the help of "native" applications installed on your computer. The entire history of changes is saved, you can always restore the previous version of the document, and the document as desired easily will discover an inner search.
Collaborate on documents

Planning and time tracking

Turn on account of working hours 1C-Bitrix24 to improve discipline in the company. Employees will mark the beginning and end of the workday, breaks, absences, schedule tasks for the day. On the basis of these data formed to guide the report on working time. These reports will also take into account the time spent on tasks.

Plan your event in the calendar. Download it to your mobile phone or tablet, that it is always with you, even on the road. Collect colleagues to a meeting directly from the "Buzz." Spend it effectively through the service of internal meetings. Service will quickly invite participants, automatically send the agenda and discussions, create events in your personal calendar and set goals from the meeting.



CRM: customers and sales

Keep in your CRM database of contacts and companies with whom you collaborate. Manage leads and transactions from any device, including mobile. Capture all events (calls, letters, meetings), invoice customers, build reports and "sales funnel." Plans to do without leaving the CRM. Create a task, use the business processes for the treatment of disabilities and deals, send letters and call customers directly from CRM to regular phones.

Enable integration with "1C", and in your CRM is timeless catalog, "fresh" price list and correct data on the balance of merchandise. Integrate CRM with an online store, and your managers will conduct and "defraud" the transaction to a successful conclusion of most CRM. Tie any web form on your site 1C-Bitrix24, and data from this web form will be automatically sent to the CRM.



HR: HR Management

Manage company employee structure visually. Just drag the employee to another department, add new, change leader. Find out who is subject to the employee, get his quest quickly get all the data on his personal page, contact through the portal, now in the phone directory. Synchronize contacts with mobile phone portal, MS Outlook and other applications to stay connected.

Find out who in the company is missing, who on a business trip, and who dektretnom holiday. Spread holiday personnel, using schedule absences. Advertise with "Buzz" with mandatory reading. Create surveys to know the opinion of colleagues to approve the document, conduct research or just vote for something. Activity Monitor tools portal and employees throughout the company as a whole. Reward employees with "badges" and congratulates them on their holidays.



Automation of business processes

Drive through the portal a variety of business processes in the company - from shipment for orders to interact with the network of partners or customers. Use ready-made templates of business processes or create your visual designer. Automate your routine operations: processing business trip, vacation, approval and payment of invoices, the publication of official orders and instructions.

Automate workflow in the company using "generic list". Consider all incoming documents and set their gradual process from receiving the Secretary to management approval and transfer to the archives. Automate processing Disabilities and Transactions using business processes. Turn into a business process all possible actions on the item CRM: send letters, assign responsibility, to pose the problem employee, etc.


desktop applications

Install desktop application (Mac or Windows), to communicate with colleagues, even if the browser with 1C-Bitrix24 closed. Communicate with colleagues: call them through 1C-Bitrix24 and on mobile phones, invite a group chat, including video, see the message history. Receive notification of the most important new developments in the "Buzz", husky and comments to them about the objectives and the status of their implementation. Connect from the desktop application "Bitrix24.Disk" and work with the files in the 1C-Bitrix24 from any device.


Mobile Apps

Install the mobile app (iOS, Android) and work with the portal c tablet or smartphone: read and comment on "Buzz"; manage documents, tasks and files. Manage mobile customer base CRM, assign colleagues calendar appointments, confirm their participation in the new developments. Do more, for example, send photos from your phone directly to tape. Push-notifications allow you to keep abreast of developments in the company and stay in touch with colleagues.


Integration with 1C, Microsoft, Google, Apple

  • Product integrates with many applications from leading software developers.  
  • Integration with MS Office, MS Office Online
  • Integration with GoogleDocs
  • Integration with MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with Google (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Connector for MS Exchange Server 2007/2010
  • Integration with MS Exchange Web Mail
  • Connector for MS SharePoint
  • Integration with «1С:ЗУП»
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integrator + NTLM



Safety and reliability

1C-Bitrix24 - a safe product to work together. Your data will be stored securely, and once you get access to them in accordance with the system of user rights. Your employees can easily open 1C-Bitrix24 in cafes, shopping centers, airports - in unprotected environments, connecting via WiFi or mobile phone. Attackers not intercept their passwords to use for their own purposes. All connections to the 1C-Bitrix24 made using certificate SSL, which ensures the security of your corporate information and protect passwords. 1C-Bitrix24 provides maximum protection against a variety of security threats. Proactive Filter (WAF - Web Application Firewal) protects against most of the known attacks on web applications.


Why your company needs 1C-Bitrix24?

2.pngSave working time: 
  • reduce the cost of finding the right information at a particular point;
  • minimized loss of corporate information;
  • significantly accelerate business processes;
  • disappear problems with communications between employees;
  • new staff will adapt faster. 
3.pngIncrease the effectiveness of staff:
  • staff will be aware of what is happening in the company and divisions;
  • experience will accumulate in the corporate knowledge base;
  • knowledge will be used repeatedly and transferred within the company;
  • working groups will be able to work together on projects and documents;
  • footage will constantly learn and pass prof. retraining. 
1.pngOptimize business processes
  • all applications will be processed sequentially by responsible persons;
  • staff will collaborate on documents, utilizing the document management system;
  • the company is seriously save on the rate of passage of operations; 
  • horizontal communication between units will be much more effective;
  • come to naught need on mission geographically distributed company structure.
4.pngProvide control and manageability: 
  • process of all parts of the company will be transparent; 
  • internal communications staff will be under the control of;
  • Internet access can limit or completely disable; 
  • internal messaging system on the portal will replace the ICQ and other IM clients;
  • employment and lack of staff can be monitored; 
  • feedback from the staff will be faster and more efficient.
4.pngEnhance the quality of managerial 
  • working groups will be to discuss and adjust joint plans;
  • internal communication will be much more effective; 
  • results of employees and departments will gain transparency;
  • solving typical business tasks employees will find in the corporate knowledge base.
3.pngDevelop business performance: 
  • improve the quality of work and customer service; 
  • increase the company's competitiveness in the market; 
  • the company's image in the eyes rises employees, customers, partners and investors.

Licenses for 1C-Bitrix24

1C-Bitrix24. License CRM — 12 users (per server)
59 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. License Corporate Portal — 50 users (per server)
139 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. License Corporate Portal — 100 users (per server)
199 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. License Corporate Portal — 250 users (per server)
299 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. License Corporate Portal — 500 users (per server)
399 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. License Enterprise — from 1000 users (per server)
699 000 rub

Extension licenses

1C-Bitrix24. Extension license Enterprise (1000 additional users)
659 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. Extension license Enterprise (5000 additional users
1 999 000 rub
1C-Bitrix24. Extension license Enterprise (10000 additional users
3 499 000 rub

Special offers are available. Ask your promotions to our managers.
What are the minimum requirements for 1C-Bitrix24?
Product 1C-Bitrix24 in a box "designed for PHP programming language and can effectively run on any UNIX or Windows-platform. Used databases: MySQL, Oracle, OracleXE, MSSQL, MSSQL Express 

Do you have a ready-made template for installation?
We have already taken care of how to save your time - to set 1C-Bitrix24 we set up ready-made template that can be used to create a virtual server for "Bitrix24." Detailed instructions on how to expand 1C-Bitrix24 is available in our knowledge Base.  

What browsers can I use?
Portal created on the basis of 1C-Bitrix24, supports all modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome. Built-in visual HTML editor product is compatible with all popular browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 3.6 or higher, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari. 

Can I test the 1C-Bitrix24?
Of course you can, you can get a free test access and evaluate the work 1C-Bitrix24, as well as the quality of services Cloud4Y.

Any questions relating to the work 1C-Bitrix24 You can ask our experts.

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