SAP HANA hosting

  • In TOP-3 SaaS (Cnews) and TOP-5 IaaS (J'son)
  • Legal guarantees availability (SLA 99,982%)
  • No monthly fees, postpaid scheme
  • Russian data centers TIER 3 with Hi-End hardware
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SAP HANA hosting based on certified solutions

We offer a flexible on-demand infrastructure (IaaS) based on VMware vSphere and certified hardware with up to 4TB of RAM for the virtualized SAP HANA solution. You can rely on our proven technology to ensure corporate security in the cloud. Select the desired amount of resources (CPU, RAM, Storage, Port speed, IP, OS, etc.) based on your needs. 

How to Choose a HANA Appliance that Fits


The main advantages of using virtual cloud servers Cloud4Y:

  • payment for actual resources used
  • postpaid scheme of work
  • high level of reliability is not lower than 99.982%
  • scalable resources, including automatically (autoscale)
  • high flexibility due to the lack of fixed tariffs
  • Full support 24x7

Reliable infrastructure

Automatic recovery of servers. In the case of server failure, your system will be automatically restarted on another server.

Powerful, customizable options

Get more features and better performance than traditional VPS (VDS). You can scale the system to the growth of your project.

Pay for necessary

Get the flexibility and scalability are not overpaying for resources. Respond to load growth, changing settings online!

Reboot and console

Virtual terminal access through your web browser to work with the console or reboot the system. You have full control!

Upgrade without restarting

Upgrade without service interruption. All CentOS-system can be updated online without rebooting.

Complete systems

Quick start and working with JumpBox-preconfigured systems. Access to dozens of open source applications at the touch of a button.

First-class equipment

Blade servers use HP, IBM, supporting up to 48 cores and 256 GB of RAM. Used for data storage arrays, NetApp enterprise level.

DataCenter world class

Our equipment is located in a Tier III certified data center with high-speed access channels.


For your system is automatically created (optional) backup to restore your system in case of unforeseen events.

Outsourcing system

For systems from 1 GB of RAM, you can have full control and support for our technical team of experts.

Cloud constructor

  • NUMBER OF CPU CORES (1 CORE=2.53 GHZ), pcs
    • 0
    • 1
    • 64
    • 128
    • 192
    • 256
  • RAM, GB
    • 0
    • 1
    • 64
    • 128
    • 256
    • 384
    • 512
  • HDD size, GB
    Storage SAS, redundant controllers.
    SLA guarantee: 0,1 IOPS, Latency < 40 mc per 1 Gb
    HDD size , GB
    • 0
    • 20
    • 2000
    • 4000
    • 6000
    • 8000
    • 10000
  • Free guaranteed unlimited channel 5 Mbps expandable to 1000 Mbps
  • Additional services


/ Hour
/ Day
/ Month
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/ Hour
/ Day
/ Month
Price with discount  *


A full-featured API

Cloud4Y API provides complete control over your virtual machine and cloud resources, and makes it easy to integrate the cloud system with your own systems for management, monitoring, scaling, billing, CRM and other systems.

In addition, we can provide ready-made modules for the integration of our clouds with different platforms. We can also provide PHP and Perl wrapper (wrapper) for API.

Полнофункциональное API:
  • API is fully RESTful
  • All function calls require authentication (Basic HTTP)
  • All function calls work with XML and JSON requests
  • Shell (wrappers) are available in PHP and Perl
  • Each function is accessible through the Control Panel API


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is this service — SAP HANA HOSTING?
SAP HANA HOSTING service enables customers to place their SAP HANA projects on the cloud provided by Cloud4Y.

2. Why do I need SAP HANA HOSTING in the cloud?
The use of SAP HANA HOSTING service allows you to optimize costs and time at the stages of development, implementation and productive operation of SAP HANA projects.

3. How to optimize costs?
SAP HANA HOSTING service allows you to dynamically in real time change the configuration and composition of servers, including through the API. As a result, virtual machines at any steps are loaded to the maximum, in contrast to the use of your own servers. This allows you to eliminate possible errors at the step of composing the equipment configuration. Also with our service SAP HANA HOSTING you have the opportunity to add resources at any time or reduce their consumption up to complete zero at the moment of project completion.

4. Why is that convenient?
It allows you to focus on the applications development and operation, leaving the administration of servers to the Cloud4Y professionals (this service is already included in the price and corresponds to the declared SLA 99.982%).

5. What else can I get as a service with SAP HANA HOSTING?
By default, the service includes backup. In addition, you can administrate the operating system and databases yourselves.

More answers to your questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to your question - post it to our consultant online using online-chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.
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