Object storage

  • In TOP-3 SaaS (Cnews) and TOP-5 IaaS (J'son)
  • Legal guarantees availability (SLA 99,982%)
  • No monthly fees, postpaid scheme
  • Russian data centers TIER 3 with Hi-End hardware
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Object storage
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Object storage

A convenient solution for storing backup copies, documents, archive data and distributing static content with reduced load on core storage. The occupation of productive storage is reduced by downloading content from object storage rather than from web-servers.

Content storage access



Reliable infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure

Automatic creation of replicate across multiple data centers Tier 3, SLA 99,982%.
Pay for the necessary

Pay for the necessary

Pay only for storing and downloading content.
kind access

Kind access

All functionality is available in the control panel and API: upload and download files, domain binding, rights differentiation, statistics.
Easy integration

Easy integration

Use S3 or OpenStack Swift APIs to connect applications and integrations with external systems
First - class equipment

First class equipment

The data uses enterprise-level NetApp storage arrays.


You can always count on quick access to content regardless of the number and volume of downloaded files.

Our object storage is built on the Cloudian platform and supports Amazon S3 API.


Service Price (RUB)
Data storage, Gb 1,2
Requests PUT, META, LIST, 1000 PCs users 0,2103
GET requests, 1000 PCs. 0,0210
Traffic, GB, outgoing 0,7

Minimum contract: 15 000 rubles / month

All prices are without VAT

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is S3?
Simple Storage Service (S3) — is a simple data storage service without creating a hierarchy. In fact, it is a file hosting service that allows you to store any amount of data and receive it at any time via the Internet.
S3 is a whole ecosystem in the world of cloud computing:
  • Security;
  • Storage reliability is 99.999999999%
  • Low cost of storage..

2. Which data are best suited for object storage?
For anyone. All data can be divided into two large blocks: "hot" and "cold". "Hot" is the content that is used very often - photo, video, audio files, downloads, business documents, etc. "Cold" data, on the other hand, are rarely used files that needs to be stored, such as backups, video surveillance recordings, archives etc.
Important: If your data needs to change regularly, it is better to consider alternative ways to store your data in the cloud.

3. What are the advantages of an object storage facility?
  • Storage of unstructured data in its original format.
  • Reducing the load on your current hardware. Productive storage occupancy is reduced by downloading content from object storage rather than web-servers.
  • Automatic scaling of the service when the volume of data and/or the amount of data accesses increases.
  • Optimization of data storage costs. You only pay for the resources you actually use (Pay-as-you-go).

4. Is the object storage suitable for working with BigData?
Absolutely! Object storage allows you to store and give applications infinitely enormous amounts of data.

5. Will all the applications work with the object storage?
The application must support the S3 REST API.

6. Why "without hierarchy" is the advantage of object storage?
Hierarchy building significantly extends the path to the data (object), and therefore the response time of the application. In the object storage the data lies in a flat environment and can be transmitted almost instantly to the application or the Internet via the protocol http/https.

7. What information can be specified in the object's metadata?
Absolutely any, starting from different characteristics of the object and up to the rights to the object for each specific user.

More answers to your questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to your question - post it to our consultant online using online-chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.
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