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GPU Cloud Computing
Cloud FL-152 at the price of the usual one FOREVER

Hurry to rent the ultra-secure IT infrastructure until December 31, 2018 and we will fix the best price for you!


Tired of rendering a video or drawing a 3D model on the resources of your own computer? Cloud4Y offers videographers and graphic designers to stop buying expensive graphics stations!

Buy a cloud with a powerful video card (GPU) today and start paying in a month, when the order has already been completed. Work with resource-intensive applications more convenient and cost-effective with Cloud4Y!

The cost starts from 121 /month

Expand virtualization to any user on the network. Deliver better graphics, improve productivity, and grant access to business critical applications anywhere.

Architects, Engineers & Contractors — Accessing computer-aided design (CAD) tools from the field makes for easier collaboration between in-house and field teams.

Graphic Designers — Experience smooth, rich multimedia applications, including 3D-intensive programs.

Healthcare Professionals — Log on to your desktop and view diagnostic imaging without slowing down network traffic from any workstation within any health network facility.

GPU Features

Solve complex problems faster and with less power consumed than with traditional CPUs.

Choose the GPU that best meets your needs and pay only when you need it.

Fully Integrated
We use the latest virtualization platform VMware, fully supports graphics accelerators without the need to use third-party solutions.


Starting at 121  /mo*

  • 8 vCPU
  • 1 Gb vGPU (NVIDIA Tesla M60)
  • 14 Gb RAM
  • 200 Gb SSD
  • Windows \ Linux
Starting at 199  /mo *

  • 14 vCPU
  • 2 Gb vGPU (NVIDIA Tesla M60)
  • 20 Gb RAM
  • 300 Gb SSD
  • Windows \ Linux
Price on request

  • 1-88 vCPU
  • 0,5-16Gb vGPU (NVIDIA Tesla M60)
  • 3-256 Gb RAM
  • N Gb SSD
  • Windows \ Linux
* All prices are without VAT

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