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Highly secure hassle-free solution for hosting and protection odf personal data of Russian citizens in Russia under the Federal Laws FZ-242, FZ-152.
Federal Law 152 cloud

Eliminate all risks related to the compliance to the Russian Federal Data Protection Laws 242-FZ, 152-FZ with our cloud service solution.
We invested much time and effort into certification and can host the most sensible information of Russian citizens, like health data.

Localization of personal data in Russia (242 - FZ)

All companies that operate personal data of Russian citizens must be compliant with Federal law 242-FZ. Store personal data of Russian citizens in Russia in Tier III Certified data centers with the guaranteed highest level of data availability SLA 99.982-99.99%.

If the data is sensitive, they must also be compliant with Federal Law 152-FZ.

Personal data protection (152 - FZ)

In 2015 Cloud4Y launched a new service tailored specifically to international companies that seek to store or/and protect personal data in Russia in accordance with the Russian personal data localization and protection legislation (242-FZ, 152-FZ).

Our protected infrastructure is proven to secure personal data from 19 types of threats mentioned in the Federal Law 152 FZ and is certified with the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK) and Federal Security Service (FSS) for the technical protection of confidential information, development, production and distribution of data protection tools (including cryptographic tools).

  • Takes responsibilities to host personal data on behalf of the operator (your company)
  • Frees the operator from the costs of setting and ,aintaining secure IT-infrastructure; 
  • Frees the operator from legal responsibility for compliance with the Federal Law 152 
  • Allows the operator to receive 24x7 technical support 

See certificates.

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How does it work

Cloud4Y's solution aims at equipping the market with a ready-to-use and hassle-free solution for dealing with customers from Russia. We offer a fairy straightforward and quick migration.
  1. We assess the data type to define the level of protection needeed
  2. Migration takes just 1 day
  3. We will handle all the legal paper work for you in order to demonstrate that your company is fully compliant with the Russian Law.

Features of Cloud4Y infrustructure

Guaranteed legal protection

Guaranteed legal protection

Cloud4Y’s solution relieves a company from a part of legal responsibilities of fulfilling the requirements of the Russian Federal Laws 242-FZ, 152-FZ.

Certified hardware and software

Certified hardware and software

All the elements of our protected infrastructure (hypervisor, crypto gateways, intrusion detect system and etc.) are certified by regulated authorities.


Personal Data Information System accommodation provided on a service, pay-as-you-go model. Clients are free from building and maintaining own physical infrastructure.
All-round protection

All-round protection

Set of technical measures protects personal data against threats from inside and outside.
24/7 video surveillance

24/7 video surveillance

24-hour security monitoring by highly qualified specialists.
Crypto gateways on demand

Crypto gateways on demand

Crypto gateways are provided on demand.

Licenses and certificates

License of FSS (Federal Security Service) for the development, production, distribution of cryptographic tools

Certification of FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) ) for the development, production, distribution of data protection tools.

Certification of FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) for the technical protection of confidential information.

Сertificate of safety compliance at the highest level of protection to the requirements for hosting personal data under the Federal Law 152-FZ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the essence of your "Federal law 152 cloud" service?
We have built a secure circuit in our Data Center, which has passed the certification on security requirements in accordance with Russian Federal Law 152 and received a certificate of compliance for the protection of personal data up to the 1st level of security inclusive. And we help our clients to close the issue of compliance from the technical point of view.
State institutions may also be interested in the Certificate of Conformity 1st class for state information systems (according to the FSTEC Order 17) and the Certificate of Confidential Information Protection class 1G (according to STR-K).

2. Why do we have to do this?
Since you are a personal data processor, the Russian Federal Law 152 automatically applies to you. And the state institutions owning the state information systems are also subject to the FSTEC Order 17.

3. HHow much does it cost?
The cost is calculated individually for the customer, taking into account the volume, level of security, and duration of allocation.

4. Can you help with the documentation?
Yes, we can (we provide ready-made templates or take over the whole process of preparation on a turnkey basis).

5. How is the data transmission channel organized?
The channel encrypted in accordance with Russian GOST is used via VipNet-coordinator.

More answers to your questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to your question - post it to our consultant online using online-chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.
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