LLC "Equio" is a developer of innovative mobile and web products that allow transforming standard business processes into a new format, as well as training and controlling remote employees. e.Queo is a mobile cloud solution that combines remote employee training, business communication, manager feedbacks into a single tool.

We have been cooperating with the corporate cloud provider Cloud4Y (LLC "Flex") since 2017. cloud technologies allow us to build IT infrastructure in accordance with the needs of the project and in the shortest time possible. With cloud flexibility and scalability, we save huge financial and time resources.

Cloud4Y, in our opinion, is a cloud platform with all its benefits. Whether it is a big project or a small one, there is enough resources for any business needs. The professional team of the provider built an effective system with software and hardware from world leaders: VMware, HP, NetApp, Juniper Networks.

Any problems are always solved in the shortest possible time with Cloud4Y. Equio is satisfied with the quality of services provided.

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