Why Cloud4Y?

Company mission

We do work to ensure that our customers can implement any ideas in the Cloud4Y from anywhere in the world.

We ensure clients' costs are optimized by allowing them to adjust cloud consumption at any time. And companies pay a fair price only for what they actually consume.

Cloud4Y - is highly reliable cloud provider:

Cloud4Y - this flexibility:

  • A wide range of cloud services - IaaS (rent cloud IT infrastructure), SaaS (software rental Microsoft, 1C, and other), BaaS (Backup as a Service), DaaS (remote desktop), Cloud IP-PBX;
  • Scaling, including automatic (autoscale);
  • Lack of fixed tariffs;
  • The ability to use their own licenses;
  • The possibility of concluding a contract of service for 1 day;
  • Outsourcing, as well as the supply of IT equipment;

Cloud4Y - this convenient payment:

  • Postpaid payment scheme;
  • Payment for actual resources used;
  • Hourly billing;
  • The cost of all services in rubles;

Our team is built from IT professionals, virtualization and hosting leaders with extensive experience in building cloud solutions for private use (private cloud) and public use (public cloud) large scale companies.

We will be glad to see you among our clients!