CLOUD4Y introduces cost-saving archive storage

CLOUD4Y introduces cost-saving archive storage Архивное хранилище.png
Cloud4Y's introduces a new service for its clients: archive storage. We based it on S3 object storage, the solution that allows you to create the cheapest cloud archive for long-term storage of databases, documents and backups.


If your business generates a huge amount of data that occupies disk space but is rarely requested by the user you will need Archive storage. Cloud4Y's ice cold archive storage allows you to store terabytes of data in the cloud at an extremely low cost with all CLOUD4Y guarantees in a Tier III compliant cloud and 99.99% SLA availability.


To reduce the cost of storing backups. This solution eliminates the need to store many years of backups on expensive servers. Such files are required only in exceptional cases, so it makes no sense to spend on them the capacity of ordinary storage.

To store business data. If the company's business policy requires mandatory storage of data generated daily, with rare access. The solution allows storing such content easily.

To store medical data. Medical records must be kept for many years. Some of the patient’s records are requested regularly, some remain untouched for years. This data can be stored in archive storage, freeing up disk space for more important data.

To archive media content. Storage can become a low-cost repository for storing digital content.

To store scientific information. Data for analyzing scientific experiments can take up hundreds of gigabytes. It is more convenient and simple to store “lakes” of data that are not currently required in the archive storage.

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