Cloud4Y has taken part in CNews Forum 2016

Cloud4Y took part in annual conference "CNews Forum 2016: Information technology tomorrow", which took place last week in Moscow. The conference was attended by representatives of business, companies engaged in information technologies, government structures. Summed up the development of the industry and the ideas put forward perspectives of information technologies development in the coming years.

According to General Director Cloud4Y Nikolay Fokina, the corporate sector has more confidence in cloud technologies. "Most customers understand exactly what financial benefits and the business benefits of their cloud technology, presented at the conference on the results only confirm this fact. Even many of those who turned to the “cloud” for the first time, believe that what is happening today is a restructuring of the information environment and the transition to cloud services has a positive impact on the competitiveness of companies. Moreover, for us and for our customers it is obvious that cloud services allows organizations to pay more attention to more critical business processes, entrusting the care of your it infrastructure to cloud providers".

The conference was held in a friendly and friendly atmosphere. We got a lot of food for thought, established new contacts and identified some interesting trends.
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