Cloud4Y will offer businesses a solution for data protection SyncCluster

Cloud4Y in the framework of the development of standard solutions for building cloud-based infrastructure for financial and medical institutions and public organizations will offer customers a solution to ensure fault tolerance — SyncCluster. This service will be especially popular among the companies for which continuous data availability is a critical aspect.

SyncCluster is designed to eliminate the problems caused by interruptions in the supply of electric power, force majeure and human factor. The peculiarity of the solution is in existence of pattern based on the cluster with synchronous mirroring. According to the company, today in Moscow implemented data storage system, in which one half of the information is stored in a data center Tier 3, and the second at a distance of 20 km, in another level Tier3 data center. Both the data center operate synchronously as a single monolithic structure. If there is any situation that causes a failure in one data center, all data will remain available, and any loss of information will be excluded.

SyncCluster is increasingly used to provide a failover infrastructure, as it allows you to protect sensitive business continuity areas of activity from the loss of data that results from any emergency situations.
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