DC "Flower", St. Petersburg

General information

Address Data Center: St. Petersburg, Flower Street, 21, lit. A.
  • Area data center 1502 m
  • Server area of 700 sq m 
  • 200 telecommunication cabinets
  • Independent input power 2 MW - 2 pcs
Server area is 700 m2. This area located 200 telecommunication cabinets, precision air conditioners and uninterruptible power supply clusters. In a separate room located battery cabinets for Uninterruptible Power Supply. For ease of handling equipment provided freight gate.

Electric power supply

The data center uses two independent input power capacity of 2 MW each. In building the data center has two reserving each other, new transformer substation. Continuity of supply is provided by two clusters of four uninterruptible power supply Liebert NXa 200 KVA each, with a total N +1 redundancy and guaranteed time under load for at least 10 minutes. In case of power supply two inputs, provided diesel generator FG Wilson, equipped with an automatic start at power failure. DSU reserve full power of the data center. Used diesel generator set in the performance of the «North» providing run at temperatures up to -30°С. Guaranteed uptime diesel generators without further refueling 24 hours.

Refrigeration Data Center

Microclimate in the server room is provided with precision air EMICON feed cold air under the raised floor. The air conditioning system is built with redundancy N +1. Cooling equipment is organized on the principle of "cold" and "hot corridors", supported by the temperature in the "cold corridors" is +20±2°С.


Datacenter own optical channels associated with major traffic exchange points of St. Petersburg — Large Marine, 18 and Borovaja, 57, as well as data centers' Technodom "," Dubrovka "," Dubrovka-2 "," Dubrovka-3 ". The building data center cable entry as of telephone conduit NWT, and from the air. To date, data center operators are present such as RunNet, Retn.Net, obit, Rusk, Eurotel, Comstar, Severen Telecom, Sovintel, GlobalNET, Eltel, Filanko, Prometheus, TeliaSonera, Rostelecom, etc. Also on the site present traffic exchange point Data-IX and Piriks.

Safety and security

The data center is equipped with modern protection and to prevent unauthorized access to the building and in the server room. At the entrance to the data center and at the entrance to the server room is a convenience post armed guards. More than 100 cameras monitor the entrance, the perimeter of the building and each room. Each room is equipped with a data center monitoring and accounting system access on magnetic cards, cameras and fire detectors.


Highly qualified system engineers work around the clock control key systems of the data center. Hour technical support service is always ready to assist in the installation, configuration and maintenance of your oborudovaniya.Bolee further details on the data center can get the link.