DPC M9 street Butlerova

General information

Address Data Center: Butlerov street, 7, building «MMTS-9».
  • Area data center 1800 m 
  • «specialized building built specifically as a communication center;
  • physical protection of premises, security of the building;
  • supply of equipment for the 1st category of reliability (according to SAE);
  • System power output of 120 kW;
  • rack for server hardware placement;
  • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation (according to SNIP 2.04.05-86);
  • automatic fire suppression system (GOST 12.1.004-76.SSBT);
  • ESD protection facilities (according to GOST 12.4.124-83, CH-2152-80 and SanPin-;
  • hour duty shift engineers and network administrators;
  • All equipment is certified data center in the certification system “Telecommunications” ".