General information

  • Address: Moscow, 8 Marta, 14 ul.
  • Area: 2 500 Sq m
  • Power capacity: 5 MW
  • Quality level: TIER III | TIER II
The M8 modular data center is one of the largest and technologically advanced data centers in Moscow. The datacenter is built in accordance with international standards and provides maximum reliability and security of clients' information systems.
The integrated control system allows for continuous monitoring and control of power supply, air conditioning, fire detection, access control and video surveillance system parameters.
All technological processes are supported and controlled on the basis of BMS Beckhoff. M8 data center provides a full range of data transfer and storage services, services for the arrangement of ICT-centers and backup DRC offices.
The M8 Data Center has an Internet traffic exchange point on its site and offers a wide range of international and Russian operators. It has a redundant fiber-optic network on independent routes to the main points of presence in Moscow, including the M9.This allows to guarantee customers uninterrupted operation of the network infrastructure in emergency situations and create distributed corporate networks and data storage systems.

Facility details

Power supply system

  • 4 entries from two independent power substations 2N redundancy scheme
  • Backup power supply system: UPS with 2N redundancy scheme, 9 diesel generators


  • Two-circuit system using chillers, high precision air conditioners and free cooling
  • 2N and N+1 redundancy schemes

Fire extinguishing system

  • Automatic gas fire-extinguishing system Novec 1230


  • CCTV system
  • Physical security with regular rounds 
  • Access control system based on electronic passes
  • Installation of additional customer security circuits


ISO 27001; ISO 9001; PCI DSS; certification for compliance with Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) requirements for personal data storage