Customer reviews



We would like to express our gratitude towards our partner Cloud4y for high standards of service, professionalism and simply humane attitude. Your team answers any questions and solves issues in the most operative and friendly way, responsibly treats its duties and always tries to find a compromise. We are happy to have found such a reliable and honest partner in Russia and hope for the continuation of our successful cooperation. Thankyouverymuch!

Vladimir Podboronov
VP & Co-Founder



Thanks to our strategic partner for quality and service. Success in business growth.

Petrov Anatoliy

ООО «Феникс-Юг»

LLS Fenix Ug

Thanks for superior service ! we hope for further fruitful cooperation and wish you successful new projects.


LLC Zdorovje ot prirody

We use in Your company the service of renting a virtual server. We liked a flexible approach, reasonable price and stable service! The only desire is to add other means of supplying applications on operational issues.

Vladislav Kosarev



We successfully use cloud server Cloud4Y to resolve various problems, from small to critical. thank you!

Dmitry Pugach
Technical Director

Триал Электроникс Плс

Trial Electronics Plc

Using cloud technology, we were able to offer our customers a completely new services and prices for our products.

Andrew Shevorenkov