1C Implementation

Solid experience in projects of different complexity allows us to confidently recommend the implementation of 1C 8 at large enterprises and in complex organizational holdings.
1C Implementation

Accounting and tax accounting

Accounting and tax accounting is one of the most important areas of activity of the enterprise. The quality and accuracy of accounting depends on the company's reputation, trust of partners and investors, the evaluation of the enterprise auditors and fiscal authorities.

In the field of automation of accounting and taxation in the Russian market traditionally lead decision 1C. Perhaps the most common task, without which can not do any automation project from our customers is the introduction of subsystems Accounting configurations on the basis of Accounting or enterprise 8 manufacturing enterprise Management 8. This is not surprising, because the main advantage of the solutions 1C is strict compliance with Russian legislation and the rapid provision of updates, which is very important in conditions of constant changes in legislation.

Our specialists have the necessary experience and competence to address the current issues in the management of regulated accounting on 1C:

  • The formation of accounting policy;
  • Accounting cash flow;
  • Accounting for fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • Accounting of materials, goods, products, work clothes, containers;
  • Cost accounting and costing;
  • Management of contracts and settlements with organizations;
  • Calculations with accountable persons, staff and founders;
  • VAT accounting, payment of taxes;
  • Formation of accounting and fiscal reporting.
The experience of the completed projects shows that in most cases the implementation of the subsystem of accounting and tax accounting in 1C solutions line, particularly the introduction of 1C:enterprise Accounting 8, is carried out without modifications of the existing functionality.

Document management

Document management organizations – the most important function of management, which depends on the quality of work of all business processes of the company.