1C Support

One of the main criteria when choosing a partner for business automation is the availability of support services solutions after project implementation. Cloud4Y attentive to this question, therefore, to build reliable and long-lasting cooperation with our customers we provide complex support of 1C systems.
1C Support
Business applications support

In the framework of the information systems support we will help You to solve the following problems:

  • Maintaining existing solutions in a working condition;
  • Consulting users on working with the program;
  • Update functionality for the customer;
  • Administration of application servers and DBMS;Control and performance management systems.

While outsourcing services may be in addition to the work of their own it divisions of the customer, and fully replacing it. Among the main advantages of outsourcing maintenance tasks business applications to outsourcing for our clients are:

Cost reduction
In the case that the volume of tasks does not cover 100% involvement of staff, cost reduction can be achieved due to the lack of need to pay for downtime professionals. In the case of outsourcing subject only to the payment useful work on specific tasks.

The lack of overheads. At refusal of the staff members accompanying information system, there is no need to incur overhead costs such as: rent of a workplace, communication, equipment, and so on. Besides, there is no need to pay such interruptions as vacation, sick leave.

The ability to quickly increase the volume of resources involved. In any company there can be a situation in which in the short term, you need to perform a bulk task that is related to the support of information systems. In this case, the outsourcing company, available resources can rapidly increase their volume. 

The involvement of the different skills and expertise. Not always all arising problems can be solved by one expert. The outsourcing company has the ability to allocate treatment according to specialists, the most appropriate at their level to address them. The process of development and maintenance of the system is monitored by the responsible expert, in the case of larger information systems – system architect. 

One of the main criteria for the quality of support for business apps is the speed of solving incidents. We base our work on the Agreement about the service level agreement (SLA) with our customers. In the SLA spells out parameters such as: 

The priority of the incidents
The determination of the importance and urgency of the issue arising, depending on its measured parameters. For example, how many users are affected by the incident.
Response times and resolve incidents
Time, during which you will begin and complete the work to rectify the incidents. Is determined depending on priority of the incident.
The volume of rendered services
At the request of the customer in the contract can be recorded monthly volume of rendered services – subscription music. In this case, will apply reduced, compared to the base fare.
The calculation of the cost of services, including the definition of penalties
We are interested in the quality performance of their work, therefore, prescribe in the contract a transparent pricing system with automatic calculation of penalty sanctions in case of non-compliance of the SLA parameters.