1C Audit

The efficiency of any company depends on how quickly and fully the company's management receives information about its activities. In this process the huge role is played by the functionality of the information system used.
1C Audit

Business applications audit

Our company is ready to give you the rating information solutions and perform multidimensional independent audit of 1S, which will allow you to get answers to the most important questions:

  • Detecting operational problems and failures in the information system, as well as finding ways of their localization
  • The improved utilization of current information systems with business expansion

  • The correct choice of software and hardware solutions.

In answering these questions, the audit 1C allows to achieve the following objectives:

  • The evaluation of the coating 1C of the functionality needs of the business

  • Assessment of the quality of work produced and the settings of 1C solutions, their compliance with the initial technical specification

  • Qualitative assessment of the health of software and hardware systems

  • Flexible adjustment of information system to improve the efficiency of its use

  • The identification of "bottlenecks" in the current information system and the analysis of their impact on the overall performance of 1C

  • Preparation of a complete list of available errors and problems, indicating the methods of their elimination and the possible effects of the proposed changes

  • Preparing a list of routine procedures to maintain good performance in the future.

    The audit of 1C would yield the following results:

  • Independent assessment of the current level of use of the 1C solutions, cover the existing functionality of the business processes of the company
  • Identification of areas for development solutions 1C, assessment of prospects of their use applicable to the objectives of the company

  • Identify opportunities for optimizing these settings are solutions 1C

  • Make informed and balanced decisions regarding the changes in system performance (buying new equipment, upgrading the current version of the system or the partial/complete replacement)

  • Preparation of forecasts of system behavior in the context of the changes in information flow (building operations and transactions, increase in users, etc.)

By results of the conducted audit our company presents the customer the complete audit report which contains all the information regarding the investigated configuration 1C.